Just a quick and dirty tip for everyone who wants to enjoy the fantastic world of macro photography, with the Jolla phone.
Zelda Jewelry Macro

Get yourself an old DVD-drive and unscrew it until you reach the laser head.
Old DVD Drive

Laser Head

There are a lot of lenses, mirrors and screws in it. I don’t know exactly the right name of all these components, so just take a look through different lenses and check if they are macro compatible.


After I found the right lense, I just glued it in front of the camera hole from my white toh.

Glue and The Other Half

Results are amazing! Go get yourself the required stuff and have fun with your very own macro-the-other-half for Jolla :D

Macro Key


Zelda Jewelry Macro

Zelda Jewelry

My Eye

GF Eye

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  1. rosa
    11:28 am 14.04.14

    Awesome! Did you glue the lense on top of the old (original) camera lense attached to TOH or you replaced it? I’m tempted to try this with my spare TOH :)

  2. Thomas
    13:38 am 14.04.14

    Hi rosa,
    there is no lense attached to the other half originally. Just a pure hole. The lense I used, luckily is big enough to fit exactly on top of the cut-out hole.

    Just be careful: Don’t attach the other half while the glue isn’t dry yet, otherwise your camera lense could be damaged ;)

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